this is not the end.

but it is goodbye for now.

July 19th, 2013

We have been standing in this same spot for years; perhaps it is time to explore new places.  I want to sing, dance, discover, and create new and beautiful things with you. I look forward to the many adventures to come.

After telling these delicate stories for nearly three years, I have made the difficult decision to put Une Petite Fleur on an indefinite hiatus. Fleur is very close to my heart, but as I feel myself begin to view it as a chore rather than a hobby, I have decided that it is time to take a break for the good of the comic. My hope is that taking time away from Fleur will reignite a creative spark in other areas, and will lead to new and exciting projects that I can proudly share with you all. I thank you sincerely for reading the comic, and hope to continue to reach others through creative means. Thank you so much for your support of what was meant to be a quiet, personal art project. Your comments, feedback, emails, and interest have inspired, encouraged, and energized me for years. You are all very important to me, and I thank you sincerely.